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This page shows the phone numbers of
major tourist attractions and public offices in Yeongyang.

Tour Guide Call Center: 1330

Major Public Offices
영양군 주요 관내기관 전화번호 안내
Offices phone number
Cultural Tourism in Department of Culture and Tourism 054-680-6410
Yeongyang Police Station 054-680-0224
Yeongyang Hospital 054-682-0727
Terminals and Bus Stops
터미널 및 주요 정류소
Terminals and Bus Stops phone number Terminals and Bus Stops phone number
Yeongyang General Bus Terminal 054-683-2213 Ipam Bus Stop 054-682-4111
Seokbo Bus Stop 054-682-8022 Jinbo Bus Stop 054-874-2555
Yeongyang Bus Company 054-682-0727    
Major Tourist Attractions
영양군 주요 관광지 전화번호 안내
Tourist Attractions phone number Tourist Attractions phone number
Irwolsan Mountain 054-680-6621 Seonbawi Tourist Site 054-680-5371
Yeongyang Red Pepper Promotion and Exhibition Center 054-682-6271 Freshwater Fish Exhibition Center 054-682-6272
Potted Wild Flower Theme Park 054-682-6070 Natural Ecological Village 054-680-5370
Geommasan Mountain Natural Forest Lodge 054-682-9009 Yeongyang Firefly Observatory 054-680-5331~3
Dudle Village 054-680-6043 Umsikdimibang 054-682-7764
Yeongyang Sanchon Museum 054-680-5367 Jusil Village 054-680-6413
Cho Chi-hun Literature Center 054-682-7763 Heunglimsan Mountain Natural Forest Lodge 054-680-5050
Geumgang Pine Tree Ecological Managed Forest 054-683-4455 Yeongyang Traditional Market 054-682-0025