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the story of poet of Pure Green Color School, Cho Chi-hun who completed the mainstream of modern poetry of Korea

Jihun Literature Center

  • 지훈문학관 외부 전경
  • 지훈문학관 내부를 관람하는 사람들

This literature center was established to remember Cho Chi-hun, a poet of Pure Green Color School and a scholar of Theory of Principles. Entering the literature center revealing the signboard written by the widow Kim Han-hee, a 'ㅁ'-shaped single-story wooden tiled roof house in a land area of 170-pyeong greets visitors. Entering the literature center plays 'Buddhist Dance', the representative poem by Cho Chi-hun, and inside the house are various artifacts revealing the life and beliefs of Cho Chi-hun.

  • Established Year: 18 May 2007
  • Location: Jusil Village, Jugok-ri, Ilwol-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Major Facilities and Auxiliary Facilities : Seminar Room,Exhibition Room, Chi-hun Poem Park, Exploration Path
  • Jihun Literature Center
  • Jihun Poem Memorial Stone Park

Walking inside the house, you can delve into the documents by Cho Chi-hun as a child, materials related with liberation and 'Cheongrokjib', lingering imagery in the fierce modern history, the story of Ji-hun's family, writings and drawings by widowed Kim Nam-hee, life of Ji-hun as a patriot, poems and literature by Ji-hun, key findings of academic research and lifestyle of Cho Chi-hun as a scholar.

  • 지훈문학관 전시관 내부 전경
  • 지훈문학관 전시관 내부 전경
  • 지훈문학관 전시관 내부 전경

Also, among the exhibition are the officiant's message written by Cho Chi-hun, letters of appreciation from many places, letters of appointment and awards along with the drawers and stationery chests he used. His black hat and leather gloves he wore in the 30s, the fan he used in his 40s, cigarette pipe and glasses he used 6-7 years before he passed away and his coat and hemp cloth trousers he wore in his outings are exhibited. Also, on a wall near the exit of literature center are around 100 photos showing the fragmentary thoughts on his life and from the headphone placed on the opposite is the 'Falling Flower', the poem he recited with his younger sister (Jo Dong-min) during his struggle against disease is playing.

Major Facilities and Auxiliary Facilities

  • Seminar Room
  • Exhibition Room
  • Chi-hun Poem Park
  • Exploration Path