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showing the wisdom of life of ancestors 400 years ago

Umsikdimibang Learning Center

  • 음식디미방 외부전경
  • 음식디미방 외부 관람객 모습
  • 체험아카데미 진행모습

This place is where the dishes of noble families 400 years ago written in Umsikdimibang are regenerated to suit our taste buds. From the relaxation from slow food in a neat and antigue traditional Korean house, we can feel the wisdom and sincerity of old ancestors back 400 years.
Dishes of Umsikdimibang are slow cooked without instantly cooking or using artificial sweeteners for clean and fresh taste.
You can taste 'Sobusand' and 'Jeongbuinsang' and there is a separate place of learning traditional tea ceremony. Reservation is necessary.

  • Umsikdimibang Training Center음식디미방 교육하는 모습

    This place is where the 'one-day traditional food culture program' is operated among the learning programs of Umsikdimibang.
    From healthy food using wax gourd including stuffed wax gourd, wax gourd nureumi and wax gourd sanjeok to pomegranate soup, fish dumpling and cod peel nureumi, you can cook and taste various dishes in Umsikdimibang.

  • Umsikdimibang Exhibition Center음식디미방 전시관 내부전경

    Among the fishes introduced in Umsikdimibang, 51 dishes including manna lichen pyeon, miscellaneous fruit pyeon and cod peel nureumi are reproduced in actual sized models and exhibited with the detailed recipes reinterpreted for viewers. Also, the 'Umsikdimibang video' produced in four languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English) are being played.