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the great man of Korean literature history and the living legend

Writer Lee Mun-yeol (1948.5.18 ~)

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Lee Mun-yeol was born in Wonri-ri, Seokbo-myeon, Yeongyang-gun of Gyeongbuk in 1948. After dropping out from Department of Korean Language Education in College of Education of Seoul National University, he started the literacy career with his short story 'Do You Know Najire' winning a runner-up of annual spring literary contest in Daegu Maeil Shinmun. In 1979, his 'Saehagok' won the annual spring literary contest in Dong-A Ilbo, and in the same year, with the today's writer award with a novella 'Son of Man', his exuberant creative activity started. And he is known as one of the writers with the most readers in the 1980s.
His novels show autobiographical elements with the tightly plotted structure and excellent phrases. His representative novels include 'Our Twisted Hero', 'Falling Has Wings', 'Portrait of Young', and 'Poet and Thief'.

Systematic research and fostering literature students

Gwangsan Literature Research Center

This literature research center was established on 12 May 2001 for systematic research on Korean modern literature and fostering literature students.
Dudle village was the direct background for his novel 'Choice' and a stage of the journeys of lives of main characters in his many novels including 'Winter of that Year', 'You Won't Go Back to Home Country Anymore', 'Geumsijo' and 'For Emperor'.
Composed of 6 lecture theaters, main hall and a detached house, literary lectures and literary conferences are frequently held as well as opportunities to meet writers.

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