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Meeting the cleanest sky in Yeongyang

Yeongyang Dark Sky Park

From IDA, the Firefly Ecological Learning Village district in Suha-ri, Subi-myeon, Yeongyang-gun and part of natural scenery preservation district around Wangpicheon were designated as "Yeongyang International Dark Sky Park" for the first in Asia.Yeongyang-gun office will strive to preserve efficient use of outdoor lightings, restore eco-system and protect the dark sky following the designation of Yeongyang International Dark Sky Park so that more visitors can appreciate countlessly many stars.

Map of Yeongyang International Dark Sky Park

Summary of Designation

  • Title: Yeongyang International Dark Sky Park
  • Location: Firefly Ecological Park, Suha-ri, Subi-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Land Area: 390 ha
  • Designated Date: 31 October 2015
  • Class: Silver Tier
  • Infrastructure: Yeongyang Firefly Observatory, Firefly Ecological School, etc.
  • Inquiry: Person in charge of fireflies 054-680-5332 (

Significance of Designation

  • Efficient use of lightings and solutions for protecting dark sky
  • Protection of wild animals and plants by minimizing ecological influence from light pollution in ecological space
  • Provide an environment in which people can feel darkness and live a healthy life
  • Protect stars in dark sky and operate educational learning program

Effect of Designation

  • Consistent increase in visitors after designation of Dark Sky Park
  • Invigorate eco-learning tourism under the theme of fireflies and dark sky park
  • Reduce light pollution through efficient management of outdoor lighting and protect eco-system
  • Contribute to increase in sales of local agricultural goods and local income by utilizing the clean image of clean dark sky