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Meeting the cleanest sky in Yeongyang

Yeongyang Dark Sky Park

Including part of natural scenery preservation district near Wangpicheon of Suha Valley in Subi-myeon of Yeongyang-gun, an area of 3,900,000㎡ in the firefly eco-park was designated by IDA (International Dark-sky Association) as the first International Dark Sky Park (IDS Park) on 31 October 2015 in Asia. *IDA(International Dark-sky Association) *IDS Park(International Dark Sky Park)

Based on the quality measurement of IDA dark sky, the measurement of sky brightness was 21.37mag/arcsec² on average (unit of brightness per specific area/21.74-21.00 range) which is excellent. And with internationally superior transparency of dark sky, this area is capable of macroscopic observation of overall phenomenons in sky such as the Milky Way and the meteors. Therefore, it was graded silver tier which means the best visibility on land.

Silver tier means an area with quality dark sky with satisfactory influence and diffusion from light pollution and other artificial lightings and exemplary dark lighting scenery. Yeongyang International Dark Sky Park was graded silver tier.

  • Location: Firefly Ecological Park, Suha-ri, Subi-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Land Area: 390 ha
  • Designated Date: 31 October 2015
  • Class: Silver Tier

The significance of designation as Dark Sky Park is the recognition of Yeongyang-gun's efforts in protecting the eco-system from artificial lightings by IDA hence, proudly becoming the first in Asia to put the dark sky of Korea into the international ranks of clean regions. From the natural ecology management business center located at the center of park, various programs including watching observatory, astronomical observation, building, walking along stars and starry concert are conducted, and local residents and visitors join to enjoy falling stars while listening to music outdoors. Also, in the special district for fireflies, you can watch beautiful night scenery of fireflies and stars in dark sky.

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