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with splendid view of rocks and pine trees

Sanggye Fall and Hagye Fall

  • Hagye Fall
  • Sanggye Fall

Munsangcheon in Gye 2-ri of Subi-myeon has outstanding look of rocks and pine trees. This is where you can find Sanggye Fall and Hagye Fall. Munsangcheon is one of the wild places that not many people know even in Yeongyang. You can indulge in autumn foliage and falls in relaxation and peace.

Hagye Fall is at the left valley of Gwanbeopsa Temple. Enter the precinct and descend down to the left to get to the fall. Under the suspension bridge built from the temple, follow along the narrow path. Descending down in the valley, the waterfall from Seokdaecheoncheok is beautiful as of crystal is breaking. As small as 3m in height, but clear and powerful stream of water gushing between large bedrock mingles with autumn foliage to create a scene. To the bottom of the waterfall, the suspension bridge is hanging dangerously. Suspension bridge across the valley was built by the temple. The name of bridge is 'road to the Dragon King'. Climbing up on the bridge that swings with every step you take, the mingling of unique rocks, waterfall and thick autumn foliage make a picturesque scene.

Sanggye Fall is 500m above the Hagye Fall along the forest path. It is larger than Hagye Fall. Slanted position between two large bedrocks on each side adds to the style. Although the volume of water is not as heavy as the old days as the upper stream is blocked by a dam, it surely gives the dignified elegance.