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Splendid and Romantic Light in Hot Summer Night

Suha Valley and Fireflies

Crystal clear water flows into Suha Valley as long as 30-li (about 15km). With outstanding natural views, it is a famous destination of many in summer holidays.
Suha Valley spreads out about 30-li (about 15 km) starting from Suga 2-ri past the Songbang forest lodge to the North along Jangsupocheon. Clear water of Jangsupocheon flows into dense pine tree forest and valley and create ponds against flat granite or create small and large falls of Suha Valley. Unlike other valleys, its wide river width is famous as holiday destination.

  • 수하계곡 물놀이터 모습
  • 수하계곡 물놀이 모습

Clear Suha Valley is a mysterious valley that retains its primal appearance. Its facilities include Yeongcheon Mineral Spring of Ullyeonsan Mountain, youth training village and Songbang natural forest lodge. From Subi Middle School, 10km north is the guesthouse village and go north further 400m to get to service area. Past the service area, the path divides into Sinam-ri and Songbang forest lodge and from here, the overview to forest lodge is particularly outstanding. Occasional fishermen are catching stout. At night, otters are in activity, and it is told that even sweetfish and salmon came upstream. Also, in front of Suha Youth Training Center are outdoor theater steps and paddling pool on the riverside.

  • 수하계곡 전경
  • 수하계곡 위에서본 전경

Splendidly romantic lights on a hot summer night! Grand festival of fireflies brightly embroidering the summer night! Fireflies (lightning bugs) mysteriously reach us in brightening armor in scorchingly hot summer night sky. Fireflies, living on marsh snails that live only in class A clean valley water, can live only if the peripheral environment is clean. Around the Jipune village next to the Jangsupocheon stream of Suha Valley are hundreds species of insects including fireflies as well as snails, Japanese mystery snails and Coreana snails. The Yeongyang-gun office has built an ecological park and ecological school on 294,000㎡ land that are providing tourist sites as well as learning sites for ecology.

  • 반딧불
  • 반딧불 채집 체험
  • 생태공원 모습

Firefly Ecological Park

반딧불이 생태공원 전경

Yeongyang Firefly Ecological Park, located at the foot of Suha Valley with clear water and splendid natural scenic views, is operating Yeongyang Youth Training Center, a place of training and learning vast spirit in the nature so that youths can dream and hope our future, pensions that are precious relaxing spaces with good memory and nostalgia, Firefly Ecological School and observatory.

  • Location: Whole area of Jipune Village, Suha-ri, Subi-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Phone: 054-680-5332
  • Website :