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Magnificent Combination of Clear Water Flowing Along the Nakdong Vein All Year Round and Fantasy,

Seonbawi Rock and Namipo Port

  • 선바위와 남이포

    Seonbawi Rock and Namipo Port

    The rock standing upright between cliff and river like a grand candlestick is the Seonbawi Rock, and the river that combines two streams of water flowing between the stone wall and cliff is called Namipo.
    Seonbawi and Namipo are famous tourist attractions with the legend that the general Nami knocked down the conspiracy during the reign of king Sejo in the Joseon Dynasty. Currently, many tourists are visiting for hotels, restaurants, farmer's market, potted wild flower theme park, natural eco village and mountain village life museum in the Seonbawi District.

  • 선바위


    Seonbawi, along with the Jageumbyeong at the end of Jayangsan Mountain, was referred to as stone figure in the Yeongyanggunjiji in Gyeongsangbukdo, and from the ancient times, it was also referred to as 'standing rock', 'Taoist hermit rock' or 'Seonbau'. There is a tale about Seonbawi and Namipo. Jiryong of Unryongji had two sons: Aryong and Jaryong who gathered a group of conspiracy and broke out in revolt. At this, the court ordered general Nami to supress, and general Nami came down to here to defeat Aryong and Jaryong and for the concern of the group of rebels regaining power, he slashed the mountain range with his sword to turn the waterway. And the last remnant is called Seonbawi.

Namipo is a name from the general Nami. You can see Dongcheon to the left and Banbyeoncheon to the right.

Joy All Year Round

Seonbawi Tourist Attraction


    • Location: Seonbawi Tourist District, Singu-ro, Ipam-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
    • Business Site: 94,913㎡
    • Major Facilities: Farmer's market, potted wild flower theme park, hot pepper promotion and exhibition center, freshwater fish exhibition center, etc.
    • Guidance: 054-680-5370~1