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the green road of Nakdong mountain ridge pacing across the pasture

Maengdongsan Mountain

  • 맹동산 초원
  • 맹동산 초원의 소

When the Nakdong mountain ridge descends side by side with East Sea past the Baekamsan Mountain and then plummets at the Changsuryeong (Jaraemogi), Maengdongsan Mountain (792m) is located at the center of Hwangjangjae at the entrance of Juwangsan mountain.
In the vast pasture, cows graze on grass even in early winter and Samui Valley at the head of field flows clear water all seasons. At the peak of mountain is a vegetable patch in the high rise land of Daegwallyeong that touches the sky.
Also, flame glass field forms a ridge several kilometers long. The wind blowing from the East Sea cools off the sweats of mountain climbers and lumps of ice crack under the feet at places where white oak leaves cover the trail. This is a mountain of all four seasons.

Massive energy from light breeze

Yeongyang Wind Power Plant Complex

Around Maengdongsan Mountain (808m) in Seokbo-myeon, Yeongyang-gun are currently 41 wind power plants by Axiona in Spain, and 17 additional power plants are planned for installation. Also, in Muchang-ri of Yeongyang-eup, 18 wind power plants are additionally planned for construction by GS E&R in 2016 to create a new tourist attraction point of wind power plant complex creating an exotic atmosphere mingling with the natural environment of Yeongyeng-gun.

fantastic scenic view in a strip of 6km

Samui Valley

삼의계곡 전경

Samui Valley, initiated from the deep valley of Maengdongsan Mountain (812m), is formed by granite and clear and cold water that looks through the bottom.
Thick untouched forest and unpolluted clear water are beautifully harmonizing and Podosan, a sacred place of Catholic, camping site, parking facility and pensions are famous among tourists all year round.

Samui Valley has small and large falls. Flat and white granite stone blocks the water here and there resulting in falls gurgling with fresh water. Above all, Sajaam Fall (7-8m) reminiscent of a stream gushing into the mouth of a lion is especially spectacular, and in the deep valley, wet fog is created from difference in temperature in hot summer.

In the autumn when the untouched forest in the valley yellows, it is more spectacular. Likewise, Samui Valley with different faces by season continues in a strip of 6km of fantastic spectacle. Tourists can use camping site and parking facilities for their convenience.