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retaining the beauty of nature

Cheokgeumdae Cliff

Cheokgeumdae Cliff, in the shape of neatly piled up silk, Yeogibong Peak, rising up on a cliff, Byeongpungam surrounded by riverside, Banwolsan Mountain with half moon-shaped peak, Isugok district, richly inhabited by pear trees, Dongmangok district, richly inhabited by royal foxglove trees, Yaksucheon, welling up with mineral water and Jiseokam, symbolizing Hakui and Shukusei. All these natural scenic views are called 8 scenic views of Gokgang River.

From Yeongyang-eup, Yeongyang-gun, Gyeongbuk, 2km to north along national highway #31 around the Banbyeoncheon stream in front of Gokgang-ri, Irwol-myeon are Yeongyang-eup Dongbu-ri, Samji-ri, Sangwon-ri and Hawon-ri. The stream originated from the east of Irwolsan Mountain flows from west to east and east to south and this is where the stream of water was blocked by the Heungnimsan mountain ridge south to the Irwolsan mountain, failing to go through the solid stone wall at the foot of mountain. Then it detours to the east becoming a curved river, hence this is why Dangjin village and Geumjaedong village are collectively called Gokgang-ri.

The area divided by waterway into Santaegeuk and Multaegeuk is surrounded by a precipitous stone wall like a folding screen and a flat stone embarkment is harmonizing with the beautiful scenery at the boundary between river and mountain. And this is Cheokgeumdae, named so when Jung Seok-gyo, a governor in 1692 (18th year of reign of Sukjong) held a poetry club.

Standing up on Cheokgeumdae, when you look around, clear water of Banbyeoncheon slowly flows beside half-moon or taegeuk shaped stone wall and fish swimming crystal clear water, pine trees along the riverside and clean sand dune retain the beauty of the nature. In summer, this place is endlessly visited by swimmers, fishers and holiday-makers. Hence the tourist attractions in this place are called 8 scenic views of Gokgang River.