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a path connecting inland area of Gyeongbuk with East Sea

Bonsin Valley

Thick forest, unique rocks and crystal clear water flowing over the rocks are reminiscent of a landscape drawing and you can enjoy the outstanding views all seasons. Bonsin Valley,

flowing next to Suha Valley and Ullyeonsan Mountain, spreads at the path toward the Baekam Hot Spring in Onjeong-myeon of Uljin-gun with the length of valley stretching as long as 6km. This place has additional fun in hot summer and snowy winter. As this place connects the inland area of Gyeongbuk with East Sea, blue sea unravels in front of you if you drive right toward Uljin.

  • 숲이 울창한 본신계곡 전경
  • 가을의 본신계곡 전경

As flower buds blossoming in the sprouting spring, as holiday destination that clears the sweat of people in hot summer, as splendid autumn foliage filling the harvesting autumn and as a splendid outlook that makes you want to release the shutter in snowy winter, Bonsin Valley changes its colors all year round and catches the breath of tourists heading to East Sea.

Geumgang Pine Tree Ecological Forest and Geommasan Natural Forest Lodge in the area offer forest bath in thick forest full of phytoncide and ecological experience of harmonizing with the nature.

  • 본신계곡 전경
  • 계곡의 징금다리
  • 가을단풍이핀 계곡