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Irwolsan Mountain, the First Place of Greeting Sun and Moon

  • Spring of Irwolsan
  • Summer of Irwolsan
  • Autumn of Irwolsan
  • Winter of Irwolsan

The mountain terrain of Irwolsan (1,219m) is high-rising, grand and great and its arborin is flat. To the East, it overlooks the East Sea and Ulleungdo Island, and it is the first to greet the rising sun and moon. At the top are the two peaks called Iljabong and Woljabong, and there are many tourist attractions including the temple site called Cheonchuksa, house of mistress Hwang, Yonghwasa, Cheonhwasa and Yonghwa Seonneotang. Also, the wild greens (chamnamul, geumjuk, namulchwi, deodeok and bracken) are famous for rich taste and flavor.

Irwolsan is a mountain imbued by the spirit of the race, is a place where Donggyeongdaejeon, the basic scripture of Donghak and Yongdamyusa were written, lived by leaders of studies including Choi Hae-wol in ascetic practice, where civilian army activity was the most active and the birthplace of Kim Hae-deuk, the first commander-in-chief of Salvation Army.

Irwolsan, with powerful negative spirits, is known as a female mountain, and with the belief of marvelous divination signs if you perform invocatory rite on the last day of month, it is visited by many shamans nationwide and is a mountain served as a spiritual mountain from shamans.

Irwolsan Mountain has Iljabong and Woljabong peaks face to face. On the highest peak of Iljabong, the East Sea can be viewed on a clear day.As the first sunrise can be seen in the inland of Gyeongbuk, many people from all over the country visit for sunrise every year.

a Bath for Taoist Fairies with Clear and Soft Water


  • 강림골 전경
  • 선녀탕 전경

The spring water from the Seonneoam Rock Valley in Gangrimgol is clear and soft, and hence is suitable for beautifully embracing the delicate skin of Taoist fairies. Taoist hermit who rules the Taoist fairies came down and determined that this place is suitable as a bath for fairies and permitted them to descend and ascend back.
Hence, the valley is called Gangrimgol and the bath place of fairies are called Seonneotang. Natural scenic views are here and there to let you imagine the scenery of Taoist fairies fluttering their collars when descending from the heaven to Yonghwa world for bath.

Irwolsan Wild Flower Park

The largest wild flower park in Korea. Relaxation space where the nature breathes in the spirit of Irwolsan Mountain.

On a site as spacious as 5,475-pyeong, 112,000 wild flowers of 64 species including dicentra, siberian chrysanthemum, day lily and montane aster naturally growing on and around Irwolsan Mountain are planted. You can also appreciate the views of endangered rare wild flowers including pasque flowers and twilight lilies as well as wild flowers found naturally in high altitude of Irwolsan Mountain.

  • Location : 5,475-pyeong area in 394-4 Yongheo 2-ri, Irwol-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Guidance: 054-680-6621