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Village of persimmon tree with the sorrow emotion of Oh Il-do

Gamcheon Village

  • Gamcheon Village Scenery
  • Gamcheon Thuja Forest

Gamcheon was named after tasty water welling up and many persimmon trees. This is a village of Naksan Oh family for 400 years and a birthplace of anti-Japan poet Oh Il-do (1901-1946).
Poet Oh Il-do was a true lyric poet who published the first issue of 'Siwon' the first professional poem journal and a patriot who sung about the affection and resentment of our race after he started his literary career around 1931.
Although the atmosphere of traditional village is fading due to modified houses from modernization, the grand 44-sectioned Korean style tile-roofed house at the center of village is intact,representing the old-fashion and prosperous history of the village. And this house is the birthplace of Ildo Oh Hee-byung (1901-1946).
In the village are a book cafe well-matching the emotion of historic old house and a small park with a poem monument of 'Evening Glow' by the poet. Around the birthplace is thuja forest protected as natural monument. Thuja forest at the foot of steep-rising rocky mountain, Banbyeoncheon flowing at the foot and beautiful Chinbyeok Park all contributing to a picturesque scene. Slowly stroll about and stay at the poet's mark in Gamcheon village to appreciate the evening glow over the thuja forest in front of the village.

  • Birthplace of Oh Il-do
  • Poem Park
  • Poet Monument by Oh Il-do - Evening Glow
  • Poet Monument by Oh Il-do - Underground Moon