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a place endowed by the soul of general of Righteous Army who lost the country


大海天地路 한바다와 천지간 넓은 세상에, 恨無一人從 나의 뒤를 좇는 자 한사람도 없음이 한스럽구나. 歸報祖宗國 구천(九天)에 돌아가서 갚으리라 나의 조국을, 無窮建我東 동방에 무궁한 어진 나라 세우리.

Geomsanseong is a castle built by Byeoksan at his own expense to resist Japanese force. As if the tragic life of Byeoksan who was engaged in filial duty without submitting to the Japanese army through all troubles has transcended to this generation, Geomsanseong and his birthplace make visitors to take pious attitude.

  • Birthplace of Byeoksan Kim Do-hyun
  • Birthplace of Byeoksan Kim Do-hyun

Kim Do-hyun, general of Righteous Army in Yeongyang

김도현 의병장 모습

Kim Do-hyun

  • Characterization: Loyalist
  • Activities: General of Rgitheous Army, founder of private Yeongheung School
  • Citation: Order of Merit for National Foundation
  • Collection of Works: Byeoksanjib 2 volumes

Byeoksan, after series of Righteous Army activities and hard prison life through incidents from murder of Empress Myeongseong, entry of coerced treaty and Japanese annexation of Korea, he returned to home country and established private Yeongheung School in his effort to foster next generation. Since the violation of sovereignty and death of his father, with the sadness of losing sovereignty and parent going to the extreme, he left a poem and drowned himself in East Sea. In 1962, the Order of Merit for National Foundation was posthumously conferred to Byeoksan.

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