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Young fighter of independence
who lived like a flame and the refuge of innocent soul, Oksan Village

Eom Sun-bong & Oksan Village

  • 삼구정전경Samgujeong
  • 삼구정전경Samgujeong
  • 엄순봉의사기적비 정면모습Memorial stone of Eom Sun-bong

Eom Sun-bong

The village was named after the Oksan Mountain on the north of village. There is a legend in Oksan Mountain that the Taoist hermit played with marbles and then ascended into the sky. Oksan Village is a birthplace of Chugu Eom Sun-bong who lead independence of the nation by assisting general Kim Chwa-jin.

Eom Sun-bong was a son of a poor farmer and was poorly educated, but with chivalrous spirit and responsible personality, he was a man of outstanding talent. When he lived in Manchuria as a child, watching the sufferings of the race and harsh colonization of the Japanese Empire, he made up his mind to endeavor his whole life to independence movement at an early age.

Eom Sun-bong, while his service as leader of youth under general Kim Chwa-jin, made achievements in armed resistance to Japan, punishing trators and training fighers of independence. In 1931, while engaging in independence movement in hardship after losing senior leaders including general Kim Chwa-jin after Manchurian incident, despite harsh torture and prison life, he did not leak the secret of independence army but was sentenced the death penalty and died for the nation at a young age of 36.

In 1963, he was given the Order of Merit for National Foundation to remember the soul of young fighter of independence who lived like a flame.