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Beautiful road to remember

Beosun Trail, a road of four attractions made from
four representative clean regions of Korea: Cheongsong, Yeongyang, Bonghwa and Yeongwol

  • 외씨버선길의 전경
  • 외씨버선길을 걷는사람들

It was named after barely seen 'beosun (small sharp Korean socks)' in the Buddhist dance by poet Cho Chi-hun from Yeongyang when the road with four attractions is combined. Walking along this road, you will find another you that you have forgotten from busy life, and on the slow path, it seems good to send your heart in a short letter in the red post box in the forest to a person who comes up to your mind.

If you stay at the old house on the Beosun Trail No. 4 (Jang Gye-hyang's Dimibang Trail), you could remember your parents and siblings and share the love toward family all night long. Or else, while walking along the natural healing road, when you come up with an unknown wild flower, perhaps you could name it and become a friend. Yeongyang section is divided into Beosun Trail No. 4 (Jang Gye-hyang's Dimibang Trail), Beosun Trail No. 5 (Poet Oh Il-do's Trail), Beosun Trail No. 6 (Cho Chi-hun's Literature Trail) and Beosun Trail No. 7 (Healing Trail).

  • Beosun Trail l 04 기와집의 지붕 Jang Gye-hyang's Dimibang Trail 18.3km
  • Beosun Trail l 05 빨간단풍나무 Poet Oh Il-do's Trail 11.5km
  • Beosun Trail l 06 조지훈문학길을 걷는사람들 Cho Chi-hun Literature Trail 13.7km
  • Beosun Trail l 07 치유의길을 걷는사람들 Healing Trail 8.3km

Beosun Trail Guide Map

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