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Yeongyang hot pepper's Seoul outing! More customers each year!

HOT Festival

H.O.T 페스티벌 구조물

  • Period: Late August - Early September every year
  • Place: Seoul Plaza (in front of Seoul City Hall)
  • Held/Hosted by: Yeongyang-gun / Yeongyang Festival & Tourism Foundation (Phone: 054-683-7300_
  • Event Description: Exhibition and sales of agricultural local specialties, promotion and exhibition center, stage event, citizen participating event, theme park, etc.

This is a national specialty event from Yeongyang. Every autumn, grand festival of Yeongyang hot pepper is held in Seoul Plaza. HOT Festival, held since 2007, is a significant event started by Yeongyang for the first among local governments nationwide aimed for promoting the excellency of Yeongyang hot pepper and to seek coexistence of city and rural area. From diverse events including agricultural local specialty direct trade market, introduction of tourist attractions and food of Yeongyang and Yeongyang hot pepper beauty pageant are held providing an opportunity of delivering generosity of Yeongyang people all over the country.

  • 고추아가씨와 축제장 전경
  • 고추를 이용한 다양한 음식 시연

With the event repeating, regular customers increased and the profits for Yeongyang people increased from sales. With the premium quality of agricultural goods from Yeongyang recognized, the festival is improving Yeongyang's image as the representative clean city in Korea.

Festival Video