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Getting invited to the festival of wild greens every spring

Yeongyang Wild Greens Festival

산나물 캐는 사람들 모습

  • Event Title: Yeongyang Wild Greens Festival
  • Period: In May every year
  • Place: Irwolsan Mountain and Yeongyang public ground
  • Held by: Yeongyang-gun office / Yeongyang Festival and Tourism Foundation Phone: 054-683-7300

Wild greens of Yeongyang, fragrant, clean and natural well-being food! Yeongyang, a place known as starving to death if a newly wed mistress does not know 30 kinds of wild greens From old days, Yeongyang was a famous origin of wild greens. Wild greens from Yeongyang were served on the dining tables of our ancestors as freshly seasoned dish, fan-fried dish or wraps as well as on the dining table of the king or as precious medicinal herbs. Korean wild greens exhibition and Yeongyang wild greens festival are the two representative wild greens festivals in Korea that mingles clean and unpolluted wild greens, local specialties and traditional culture, held around Irwolsan Moundtain in Yeongyang-eup in the mid May every year.

  • Wild Greens bibimbap
  • parade
  • Festival

From wild greens collecting program, wild greens dish exhibition and tasting, wild greens market, wild greens food market, national wild greens cooking competition, national Yeongyang wild greens singing contest and wild greens surprise auction, you can feel the green scent of spring.

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