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Festival of satire, humor, burst of laughter and mingling only at Yeongyang

Yeongyang Wonnoreum

Yeongyang Wonnoreum is the first traditional madanggeuk in Korea that transcended in Yeongyang region from 400 years ago. It is mainly in the form of trial play at government office and humor play where village residents gather in a place during agricultural off-seasons. Among village residents, an academic person acts as the magistrate and by setting various roles including petty officials, trades person, duty officer and public slave, the criminals were ruled in a sly humor and purged of sin. The money and grain collected in this festival were saved in the community chest.

It had the characteristic of seasonal customs of praying for good harvest and health of people and became a merry festival with neighboring villages. The combination of didactic morality such as prosecution of corruption, deportation of immoral person and mutual aid along with laughter, this play creates unique fun.

  • Performance Time: During major festivals within jurisdiction
  • Held by: Yeongyang Wonnoreum Preservation Society
  • 원놀음 공연모습
  • 원놀음 풍자놀이

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