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gift of nature from heaven

Yeongyang wild greens,

"Yeongyang wild greens", 100% wild greens grown in Yeongyang

Yeongyang-gun, a region of true health in the breath of nature, is the cleannest region in Korea with the powerful spirit of Irwolsan Mountain as the sacred mountain of the race, Nakdong mountain ridge and fireflies inhabiting here and there. Also, it is the "origin of literature" that created so many patriots and writers. Likewise, in Yeongyang, a region of firelies where nature and literature unite, there is another gift of nature from heaven. Puse is known to grow only in clean region. Puse, known as wild green from the old days, was served on our tables as seasoned dishes, pan-fried dishes and wraps, as soup and pancake on the royal table of the king, or used as medical herbs to cure our diseases.

Yeongyang wild greens grown under the vital force of Irwolsan Mountain at the end of Baekdugan in the spirit of our race! Yeongyang wild greens are 'medicinal herb's instead of just wild greens. Wild greens are tasty and full of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, hence are good for invigorating stressed people with well-being health food from the nature. Chamnamul, gomchwi, cow parsnip, chwinamul and bracken stimulate appetite in spring time with bittersweet taste and rich flavor. Especially, dried root and stem of gomchwi are called horochil which is prescribed to treat cough, whooping cough, asthma, backache, arthralgia and bruise.

  • Cow Parsnip
  • Gomchwi
  • Bracken