Jeong Yeongbang(鄭榮邦, 1577~1650)

Jeong Yeongbang 1577~1650

eong Yeongbang was born with family origin Dongrae, sobriquet Gyeongbo, courtesy name Seokmun. He was a great-great-grandson of Hongmunsidok Junghwan. He was born in Yonggung-myon Yecheon-gun but later moved to Ibam-myeon Yeondang-ri.

In 1599(the 32th year of Seonjo), Jeong Gyeongse resigned his post and taught students in Yecheon, his hometown. Jeong Yeongbang asked for his teaching and mastered Confucian scriptures. In 1605(Seonjo the 38th year), he only passed the first examination for office and even though Jeong Gyeongse recommended him as a talent to the court, he was disappointed by Gwanghaegun‘s maladministraion and party strife and gave up working as a official.

In 1636(the 14th year of Injo), after the Manchu war of 1636, he moved to Ibam-myeon Yeondang-ri and lived as a hermit.

He built a pond there and name it Seoseokji. He also built a pavilion near the pond. The pond and the pavilion are now designated as important folklore material No. 108. When Yeongyang lost its status of hyeon, he work hard for Yeongyang to be qualified as hyeon again by writing letters to the court.