Sunrise view on Mt. Ilwolsan

Mt. Ilwol is located at the end of the Taebaeksna mountains. The altitude is 1,219m. Its soaring peak and flat top provide a grand view. It was named Ilwol (the sun and the moon) because it is the first mountain to meet the sunrise and moonrise as it is located near the East sea. On the top, there are the Iljabong and the Woljabong.

Mt. Ilwolsan is the mountain in which tourists can view sunrise earliest in the inland of Gyeongsangbuk-do. On the Iljabong, which is the highest, you can see the best view of the East sea.

Among chamans, Mt. Ilwolsan is known for being full of yin. Many chamans across the country visit the mountain to perform exorcisms and worship it.
※ Please note that there is no official sunrise event organized by Yeongyang-gun.

Mt. Ilwolsna

  • Address : Cheonggi-myeon, Ilwol-myeon Yeongyang-gun
  • Altitude : 1,219m
  • Information : Culture/Tourism Division 82-54-680-6062, 6067, Ilwol-myeon office 82-54-680-6413


By Road

Jungang Expressway Seo(west) Andong IC → Andong → Route 34 to Cheongsong → 37km → Turn left toward Yeongyang at Woljeon-ri Jinbo-myeon → Route 31 → 17.1km → in Yeongyang-eup → Turn left at Dogye-ri and go 4.3km→ Route 918 → Dang-ri Cheonggi-myeon → Bonghwa → Route 36 to Uljin → Bonghwa Resting Area → Route 31 → Imgi-ri Socheon-myeon → Bonghwa Tunnel → Yeongyang Tunnel → Yonghwa-ri Ilwol-myeon

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