Mt. Geommasan Natural Recreational Forest

Mt. Geommasan Natural Recreational Forest is located in Sinwon-ri, 4.2km away from the seat of Subi-myeon. The pine forest within Geommasan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest is so remarkably beautiful to have been designated as conservation area for beautiful forests. It features nicely laid-out wild garden sand walking trails, wild plant observatory center, and camping grounds. Many visitors enjoy beautiful surroundings, meditate and take their burden off from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mt. Geommasan Natural Recreational Forest

  • Location : 191, Geommasan-gil, Subi-myeon, Yeongyang-gun
  • Area : 7,866 ha
  • Opened : 28 May 1997
  • Capacity : Maximum 500 people/day, pleasant 300 people/day
  • Management : National Natural Recreational Forest Office
  • Registration No. : 305-83-04961
  • Information : ☎ Mt. Geomma Natural Recreational Forest 82-54-682-9009, Fax 82-54-682-9751
  • Website :

Forest Guide

  • Mt. Geommasan Natural Recreational Forest provides a forest guide free of charge.
  • The forest guide provides you an opportunity to explore the forest and learn about nature.
  • A forest guide helps to enhance children's emotional development.
  • Hours ; 10:00~12:00, 14:00~16:00
  • Registration : Recreational Forest Management Office


  • Accommodation : 1 Forest Recreational Building, 2 camping grounds(30 camping sites)
  • Parking Capacity : 50
  • Other facilities : Library, wild plant observatory center, trekking trail, walking trail

※No parking fee and admission fee for those who use the House in the Forest, the Forest Recreational Building, and Forest Training Center.



Road Information

  • 3km way from Route 88(Local Road)
    • Andong → Route 34 toward Cheongsong → 37km → Turn left toward Yeongyang at Woljeon-ri Jinbo-myeon → Route 31 → Yeongyang → Ilwol → Subi → Sinwon-ri → Mt. Geomma Natural Recreational Forest.


There are 4 buses a day which go from the seat of Subi-myeon to the entrance of the forest.(take 7 minutes)

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