Yeongyang Wild Edible Greens Festival

Yeongyang Mountain Namul Festival

We invite you to Yeoungyang, an inland island in which you can enjoy healthy namul, the specialty of Yeongyang.
Yeongyang, located in eastern north part of Gyeongsangbuk-do, is the birthplace of many patriots and author. It is blessed with Mt. Ilwol and beautiful surroundings. There is another godsend in Yeoungyang, which is mountain namul (green herbs)

‘Pusae(wild edible vegetables)

Pusae which is also called sannamul(mountain herb), has been on the table of the Koreans for long periods of time. It was used to make soup and jeon that kings ate and also used as medicine to cure diseases.
Yeongyang san namul grows in Mt. Ilwol . Yeongyang san namul is known for containing numerous nutrients. Sometimes it is called medical herbs as well. Aside from its great taste, they are rich in mineral, vitamin, and fiber, which help to boost your energy.
Yeongyang Mountain Namul Festival will provide a great opportunity for you to gather san namul yourself in the fresh air.


  • to grow namul business so that the namul industry can serve as the next growth engine.
  • to promote nature and culture so that they can be tourism resources and to visualize the future of the namul industry.

Event Synopsis

  • When : every May
  • Where : Yeongyang-gu County Office, Mt.Ilwol
  • Organizer : Yeongyang-gun, Yeongyang-gun Festival Committee


  • Official Event : openning ceremony, performance, hanging yellow ribbons
  • Performance : performances by local arts communities(Wonnoreum, Yeongyang Pungmul Band, Traditional Music Preservation Society)
  • Experience Program : making 1219 servings of namul bibimbap at Mt. Ilwol , gathering namul
  • Sale : san namul, produce
  • Free Sampling : namul dishes, pickled vegetables, Korean beef, yacon, Korean wild grape wine
  • Other Events : Ssireum Contest, Poem Contest