Original Title: Eumsikdimibang

The Cover of Eumsikdimibang

The "Eumsikdimibang" is a cooking book wrttien by Jeongbuin Mrs. Jang from Andong clan who lived in Andong and Yeongyang. She wrote it late in her life and it well describes what our ancestors ate in the middle of the 17th century. It is housed in the library of Kyungpook National University.
It is an invaluable material to study the Korean food history and the food culture of Joseon dynasty.
Also, it is the first cooking cook to be written in hangeul and features 146 recipes which has been widely used by Korean cuisine experts.
There are 30 pages including the frond and the back covers. Some argued that this book is not genuine because there is no signitature by the author. However, it is not true because this book has been handed down in her family for a long period of time.
The last chapter of the book matches the life of Mrs. Jang, and the physical feature of the book shows that it is from the 17th century.