• The taste and scent are superb. The color is clear and distinct.
  • red power made of the red pepper floats on water. You can make dishes taste profoundly with a relatively small amount of it
  • Of medium and large sized variety. It has sleek surface.
  • It has smooth surface and less seeds.
  • It tastes moderate spicy and sweet.
  • Its shape is good. The pericarp is thick. The average of the number of those harvested is high.

Study on Yeongyang red pepper.

(Gyeongsangbuk-do Rural Development Administration)

Study on Yeongyang red pepper.
Altitude fruits per tree(fruit/tree) Trait spicyness(Capsaicin) (mg/g)
width(cm) length(cm) weight(g) thickness(cm)
450m 48 1.8 9.7 17.1 2.0 0.74
flatland 39 1.5 8.4 9.1 1.6 0.67

Competitiveness of Yeongyang red pepper

Competitiveness of Yeongyang red pepper

  • There is a large amount of sunshine and the temperature different is big.
  • Yeongyang has the most suitable toil for growing red peppers.
  • Most farmers are red experts.
  • It has more competitive varieties, growing and drying skills than other regions.
  • Yeongyang has the most patents for red peppers. The indigenous variety(Subicho) is grown in the county.


(Conducted by Rural Development Administration Life Science Research, Unit : per 100g)

Division Sugar(g) Fiber(g) Vitamin A(IU) Vitamin B2(mmg) Vitamin C(mmg)
Red red Yeongyang's 7.9 3.1 146 0.36 121
National average 6.3 4.2 - 0.05 30
red power Subicho 38.0 17.2 4,400 1.13 92
National average 37.7 15.2 3,706 0.96 55.8

Cabbage kimchi sensory evaluation

(Range: 1~9, The higher the score is, the better the quality is)

Cabbage kimchi sensory evaluation
Division Subicho 금탑 Contrast
Taste 6.33 5.51 0.81
Color 5.41 5.26 0.15
Average score 5.51 5.33 0.18

Overall Evaluation

  • As Yeongyang red peppers grow in highland, they are rich in sugar, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. As their volume is big, one can make a large amount of red powder with them.
  • Green and red peppers are both sizable, have low fiber, and sweet taste.
  • Subicho, in particular, was found, in the sensory test, to be the best red pepper when it comes to making kimchi, as it has excellent taste and color.