Silla period The name of Yeongyang was 'Goeun' in the early period It was changed as 'Yeongyang' in the late period.
Goryeo period Yeongyang was incorporated in Yejubu(yeonghae) in 1018(the 9th year of King Hyeonjong). Yeongyang-hyun was built in 1179(the 9thyear of Myeongjong),whose nickname was Ikyang.
Chosun dynasty Yeongyang-hyun was incorporated in Yeonghae-bu in 1413(the 13thyear of Taejong). It became Yeongyang-hyun again in 1898(the 9thyear of Sukjong). The name was changed to Yeongyang-gun.
1914 Ibam-myeon and Seokbo-myeon of Jinbo-hyun were incorporated in Yeongyang-gun(6 myeons)
1 January 1963 Uljin-gun Onjeong-myeon Bonsin-ri is incorporated in Subi-myeon.
1 May 1979 Yeongyang-myeon was raised to the status of Yeongyang-eup.
1 January 1987 Seokbo-myeon Yanggu-dong, Subi-myeon Gisan-dong was incorporated in Yeongyang-eup.Part of Ibam-myeon Bangjeon-dong was incorporated in Seokbo-myeon.The name Seokbo-myeon Bukgye-dong was changed to Okgye-dong.Yeongyang-eup Seobu2-dong was divided into Seobu2-dong and Seobu4-dong.
1 May 1988 The status 'dong' turned into 'ri'.
26 December 1994 Part of Uljin-gun Seo-myeon Wangpi-ri was incoporated in Yeongyang-gun Subi-myeon Sinam-ri.