Greeting from the Mayor

Welcome to Yeongyang Yeongyang-gun Office official website.
I will listen as you express your ideas, thoughts and vision. How do you do? I am Oh Dochang, governor of Yeongyang-gun.

I genuinely welcome you to the official website of Yeongyang.
Yeongyang, located in eastern north part of Gyeongsangbukdo, is the birthplace of many patriots and author. It is blessed with Mt. Ilwol and beautiful surroundings, which make Yeongyeong a good county to live in.

Yeongyang has a clean environment where fireflies inhabit and its produce is being well received by customers. Particularly, Yeongyang red pepper is renowned for its best quality in Korea because a wide daily temperature range and the soil provide suitable conditions for growing pepper, and has received the grand prizes several times from National Top Notch Agricultural Exhibition.

Many tourists and literary students are visiting the home of Jo Jihun, a poet from Cheongnok school, the home of O Ildo, a patriotic poet, and Gwangsan Literature Research Center established in the hometown of an great author in modern literature, Lee Munyeoal.

I invite you to visit Yeongyang soon. We provide best quality produce, agricultural products and great opportunities to explore rich cultural heritage. It will provide you with unforgettable memory that will last for the rest of your life.
Once again, thank you for visiting the website.
Warmest regards.